What Can I Expect From Loan Verification?

  • See a BOOST in credit typically within 30 Days, so you can qualify for that house, and make it a HOME for you and the ones you love.
  • Need it faster? We have a Rush Option available (10-14 Days) so you can get the credit you need if you are in a pinch, which means you don’t have to let that special someone down when they need you most!
  • Add your Spouse and Build your credit together, which means you can start building the life of your dreams.
  • Get Future Reporting and ensure strong credit growth over time, so you can know that your financial future is secure for you and your family.

Past Reporting

To get started you will need to start with Past Reporting, this is to help you get a boost to your credit score and allow you to finally get the boot off your neck. Once verified you we can usually submit your past payment history of up to 2 years and see a result typically within 30 days. Also expect an average score increase between 30-50 points, that’s how powerful past reporting is.

Ongoing Reporting

After you purchase Past Reporting you will be given a chance to add Ongoing Reporting to your order. Ongoing Reporting can be very similar to paying long term on a credit card that results in a slow and steady increase over time. When we start reporting your on-time payments the credit scoring model counts this as a new account which has no established history which is why Past Reporting is so important. You will usually see a positive increase after the 3-4 months of reporting on average.

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