How It Works

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

  • Results typically come in 10-14 Days
  • Results can vary depending on the number of months you report
  • We are unable to guarantee a specific score increase

Ongoing Reporting Only

  • Ongoing payment reporting can be very similar to paying long term on a credit card. This results in a slow and steady increase over time.
  • When we start reporting your on-time payments the credit scoring model counts this as a new account which has no established history to reward you for your on-time payments.
  • You will usually see a positive increase after the 3-4 months of reporting on average.

Past Reporting Only

  • Once verified you can enjoy almost instant results for your past payment history
  • When reporting 2 years of past history you can expect an average score increase is 30-50 points
  • Results in 10-14 days

Past & Ongoing Reporting

  • Build credit from past and ongoing reporting
  • Build credit quickly using your past payment history
  • Average score increase is 30-50 points when you report 2 years of past history
  • Continue to build credit now and into the future

We’re Here To Help

  • Use Your Past Payment History to Get A Credit Boost
  • Build Your Credit Every Time You Make a New Payment
  • Get Rewarded For Being Reliable and Consistent